“Design creates culture, culture forms values and values determine the future” by  Robert L. Peters. 

“Design creates culture, culture forms values and values determine the future” by Robert L. Peters. 

Mexican designer based in Tlaquepaque, Jalisco, concerned about the work in a balance between traditional and modern techniques.  He believes techniques have been applied on crafts can be part of the process of the new product developments for daily life use, in the result of that, craftsmanship would be able to endure for next generations. Innovation is part of the new evolution of crafts that he describes such as “hyperobjects”, a greater value is added to an object. His background in the modern design industry and traditional craftsmanship allows him to develop products that can meet the needs of the current market 

1989  Born in Veracruz, México
2011  Graduated Industrial Design at Universidad de Guadalajara, Mexico.
2010  Academic design exchange at Korea University. South Korea.
2010  Academic design exchange at HongIk University. South Korea.
2012  Design Research and Product Development Project, India.
2012  Design Workshop ITESM San Luis Potosi, Mexico with Matali Crasset
2014  Attendance to the course " Entrepreneurship and Creative Companies " conducted by the State Government with the support of the Ministry of Economy and Culture of Jalisco.
2015  Workshop, Royal Collage of Art and KyotoDesign Labo with Yuri Suzuki “Digital Futures Workshop and Interactive Design” Yuri Suzuki is Professor at the Royal College of Art.
2015  Technical and ResearchTraining "Modern Design and Traditional Craftsmanship" Kyoto Institute of Technology. JICA-CONACYT. Kyoto, Japan.
2015   JICA Modern Design & Traditional Craftsmanship, Kyoto, Japan.
Part of the program was dedicated to collaborate with a company, workshops or craftsmen to reinforce the techniques and materials are used and then design new products for the local and global market. Based on my deep research I was able to find an unknown stone “shakudani stone” and nowadays the only company, which is working with this material, is Fukui Yogyo Ltd based in Fukui city. www.kit.ac.jp/english  www.fukuiyogyo.co.jp/  www.skdst.com/
2013    Founder and Creative Director of the brand CORUELO www.coruelo.com bag and backpack design brand
2012    GRUPO URREA S.A. DE C.V. (3 YEARS EXPERIENCE) www.urrea.com.mx Guadalajara, Mexico.
Company dedicated to design bath and toilet luxury accessories.
Designer of the new product developments, concepts and projects for the diversity of brands involved in the business. Sketches, proposals, mock-up models, 3D prototyping and modeling. CAD/CAM of the required and designed components. Metal injection molds, 3D models and 2D manufacture drawings. In charge of the design collection of www.stanza.com.mx, luxury brand of URREA. Research of new technology applied on the future products for national and international projects.Standards and elaboration of a private product quality manual. In charge of the certification of the new products developed with the purpose to target the international market for example: IAPMO. Validation of the correct functioning of the products, consumer-use manual. FMEA, Failure Mode and Effect Analysis.
2011    DIAKO S.A. DE C.V. (1 YEAR EXPERIENCE) http://www.diako.com.mx/ Zapopan, Mexico.
Company dedicated to toy design and new product development.
2006   Promotion of Traditional Crafts from Tlaquepaque (4 YEARS EXPERIENCE) Mexico http://www.tlaquepaque.gob.mx/

2015    Tokyo Designers Week, Tokyo, Japan
Exhibition of the collection named “Monolitos” with the material made with Shakudani Stone, the blue stone of Japan. 
Technical Program in Kyoto, Japan “Modern Design and Traditional Craftsmanship” 43th Edition. More than 35 designers applied for this national scholarship, Mexico. 
2011    Winner, category Home and Shelter in the contest: India Future of Change with the project: “Vulka” an affordable food heater made of clay. I was the only Latinamerican and Hispanic finalist among 10 international designers. The event was held in New Delhi, India.
2010    Finalist in the contest Yamaha Design Japan, Seoul, South Korea.
2009   Winner in the contest Innovative Toys, Guadalajara, Mexico.
2009   Finalist, International Furniture Contest DIMUEBLE, Mexico.
2011   Indialogues, conversations with the World, project: Vulka, New Delhi, India.
Writter for “SUITE MAGAZINE” Objet, Art and Design section www.suitemagazine.com.mx
2014   Writter for “YOUTH MAGAZINE” Fashion and Design section www.youthmagazine.mx